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Installing artificial grass, synthetic lawns or turf can save you a lot of money and time; whether it's your lawn, dog and pet area or backyard golf putting green. It offers many appealing options and combinations to create a unique luxurious outdoor living space you will love coming home to! Whether you want to turn your natural lawn into drought-tolerant, water-saving recreation spot, add backyard putting green, or a play space for your dogs and pets, synthetic turf can be a focal point of your landscape or a lovely, maintenance-free addition to existing elements of your hardscape.

Choose from more than 50 Shades of Green artificial grass, synthetic lawns, pet play areas, putting greens and other uses. We carry a HUGE selection of artificial grasses, more than 50 choices. Give us a call and let our design experts work with you to find the perfect shade, texture and variety of synthetic lawn or artificial turf best suited for your needs. You will be amazed when you see and feel how realistic synthetic grass is. And the best part - no mowing, weeding, watering or fertilizing. Welcome to more free time to enjoy life!

As professional landscape designers, we help you naturalize the area, including curves and shapes in such a way that the synthetic parts of your outdoor space transition gracefully into the rest of the landscape. We create beautiful outdoor spaces comprised of synthetic turf, hardscapes, shrubs, trees, and flowers. We use materials that are visually creative and compliment your home's interior and exterior, as well as meeting your budget and accomplishing your goals. With 16 years award-winning landscape design combined with our outstanding customer service and our best-in-class artificial grass products we are uniquely qualified to make sure your investment yields the highest ROI in customer satisfaction, functionality, economically and that provides you with the space you’ve been dreaming of!

Call Shane at 843-222-3644 for a FREE CONSULTATION!

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