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Synthetic Lawns and Landscape Products - Over 50 Shades of Green Artificial Grass to Choose From!

In this day and age our most precious commodity is our time. How many precious weekend family hours are you spending mowing, weed-eating, fertilizing and watering your yard? Ready to save precious free time, money on your home maintenance budget, conserve water, and protect the environment from pesticides and herbicides?

Take your weekends back! Now is the perfect time to upgrade your lawn with beautiful, pet-friendly artificial grass. Save money and time while helping the environment with a product that pays for itself and our artificial grass products will make your front yard beautiful! These green lawns mean extra green in your wallet that you can invest in quality family outings now that you have the time to invest in what really matters! Take that first step and call us at 843-222-3644  to get started taking back control of your weekends! Our turf specialist will help you select the perfect synthetic lawn from our choice of over 61 synthetic lawns that best fits your budget, lifestyle, family activities, pets and looks beautiful year-round.

Call 843-222-3644 for a FREE CONSULTATION!

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