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Play Areas, Playgrounds - Artificial Grass, Turf and Synthetic Lawns Protect Those Precious Kids and Let Them Enjoy Their Playgrounds!

Traditional playground surfaces vary with mulch, pea gravel, cement, and rubber chips are a few of the go-to options of the past. However, with the evolution of synthetic turf specially designed for play and recreation areas, this r­­esilient and dependable turf has become the only way to ensure consistent levels of safety across the playground. The beautiful green artificial grass will stay lush, soft and cushiony through extremes in weather, foot traffic and function. Traditional playground surfaces found in public playgrounds, church and daycare play areas and school playgrounds including mulch, pea gravel, cement, and rubber chips, are not adequately safe and tend to deteriorate over time. Rubber or rubber chip surfaces are a bit safer than their counterparts; however, in extreme weathers conditions the rubber can become hot to the touch or become brittle and crack under pressure. These reactions to hot and cold can put the safety of those enjoying the playground in jeopardy.

Synthetic turf from Global Syn-Turf is the number one choice for optimal safety and durability in playground technology, it considers overall safety, especially of kids, a top priority. Global Syn-Turf products are all ASTM tested and approved by independent labs.

The choice of which product to use depends on the size and function of the playground. Differing equipment, such as merry-go-rounds or jungle gyms, often impact which turf best suits each scenario. Adding lawn padding or shock pads underneath the turf establishes a protective layer that cushions low-level falls and trips. Soft, beautiful grass surfaces eliminate the threat of cuts and serious injury on the playground. Artificial grass remains plush, durable, and soft every day of the year and synthetic grass deters natural allergens that like to reside in grassy areas. Most recommended play area turf drains at a rate of 28 gallons per minute. Never worry about puddles or rained out fields again.

Factors to consider and share are:

  • Type of playground equipment

  • Height and use of equipment

  • High and Low traffic areas

  • Safety concerns

  • Customer's aesthetic preferences

Call 843-222-3644 to get a free quote on playground or play area synthetic turf for your home, church, daycare or business!

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